domingo, abril 22, 2007

Marterick Trip

Against the first idea this time the travel was made during day light. And honestly the difference is not to big. There were always things happening as usual. In opposite to the trains the bus started quite empty. I say started because just after finishing this though the bus stopped and a Turkish and mainly female family took the empty spaces. As is being quite expected to this countries the new crowd was really expressive and familiar with the bus. Changing places, talking laud, playing with each others putting their thousands begs on the floor or close to my feet. ehehe as I said really expressive...
The trip was just starting and the surprises were coming in a good rhythm. The next one was the bus service. Looking to the bus old conditions and the passengers i was satisfied just with the arrival. But suddenly I saw some movement on the bus and than one of the drivers came with a cake. OH lala! Really nice. But I didn't stop. Was a full catering service. Coffee or tea, (with real hot water) juice and water. And as a good Turkish, there is no place to dirty. Everybody opening their hands and receiving the disinfected lemon drops. All the bus as lemon! the passengers were pleasant! Marterick buses are the best:P

But a bus travel also includes the customs part. Bulgarian border...every body out of the bus, passport control. Some toilet and bus again. Few meters and passengers out. Visas, duty free shops for everybody (including diver) and the Turkish control. It seemed Auschwitz. All in line, with their belongings in front and a Custom Office controlling each bag. But people don't get nervous. Specially the turkish Family. The recharge their batteries with some sandwiches and than one of them need something sweet to help the food movement. So, proving that the age gives you knowledge the oldest member came with peanut butter. They are not selfish. All the family received a spoon of peanut butter including me. I just saw it coming in my direction, I tried ti say no but the old lady just push the spoon into my mouth. PUMBAS! Also me was sweet now! Mine while the control kept going. Some socks, liquids and shoes kept and was my time..pstpst.... what do you thing that you are doing? Ah pois e!!!!Portuguese Power!!! No one touched my bag. ehehe Customs dominated;)

Borders faced and the trip continue. That was what I thought. After 10 min driving the bus stopped again. Break time. Was time to met two girls, Italian and American that later helped me meeting the HC (Hospitality club) member of Istanbul. Finally the bus went back to road and after some strategic distribution of some passengers we arrive to Otomar bus station. I was lucky, Was not necessary to get the metro because Serhat (HC member) was leaving another guest.
Adia left and Nadia Arrived!

Going to the south

Last minutes to the train, so was the time to spend the last dinars that i had on the pocket. The train was also quite full so the compartment just for me lasted just some minutes. I was already in positioning my stuffs to start my night nap when Mr B with his girl opened the door. And why Mr B? I don`t think that is his name but he really looks like the letter B. The head the upper and small half-circle and the belly the bigger and lower Half-circle. The nose also have a B curvature and adding to all this characteristics he was coincidentally Bulgarian, that starts with B. So Mr B his beer, and the Girl of 29 years that was, how can i say, consistent girl, were my company during the night. They were really friendly persons. We shared food and the sleeping bag and still made some conversation with my crappy slovene. What can i say? we were friends:P

After an acceptable sleep night the arrival in Sofia was more happy than in in Belgrade. After challenging the tram inspectors I arrive to the main square of Sofia and went to meet George and Desi. As I expected really nice people. Some relax time, an interviews to the radio where Desi works and we went to eat. 2 euros! I love Bulgaria:P
Sofia was a easy going and relax stay. Some shops with Desi, hair dresser (ok, I know that seems superficial but i needed to by a battery recharger and had a cheap hair cut), get some sun and rest. I also had the chance to met Timothy a English guy that was working in town and that invited me to a spring festival in the mountains. Unfortunately the bus tickets stuck me. At least the night was finished with Desi and his friends in a cool restaurant on the terrace. Oh, hard life:P

Thanks, guys;) and the coffee with honey is really a good suggestion;) Here it is their apartment!

AH! And this is an efficient traffic Tower control:P Is nothing special but i found it interesting.

terça-feira, abril 17, 2007

The Real Balkan Mesto!

8h30 and i had arrived in the Belgrade. The train station lucked a little bit strange but quite ok. So first thing to do ... wait. I had to make some time before calling the girls that would host me. Therefore, i changed some money grabbed the map and follow the lines until the center. It was not so easy. First going up to the long streets with the heavy back bag made the things worst. After some minutes walking i just found closed shops, fast food shops and some building falling apart as the result of the nice NATO attack.
But i was not so wrong as i understood from a girl I just needed to go straight and i will find the TRG REPUBLIK. Well I really found it. Actually with the hours that i spent walking around the city while the serbian girl insisted to not pick up the phone, I think even had time to come to lj and return. So 4pm and i was without place to sleep due to a last minute advertisement record. After going to the ungrounded touristic office i decided to go to the youth hostels organisation to look for some extra help. And I found it! Not even just help but also a lot of extra legs pain and warm ears. The slovene guy that had lived in bosnia and now in serbia, that i called "the water fall" instead ın taking me to the hostel and listening hım all the way. My legs could not handle more but after the check in he insisted in take a small coffee that became a long journey through the places that i had already visited. My legs were screaming and the waterfall couldn't`t stop the exhausting guide tour and not even to calm down the velocity. He was really nice and helpfully but a bit to much for me!
The Hostel was a small flat that two guys decided to transform in a hostel. Small but was ok. So after a shower and a small rest i went to take a night walk with a german guy and talk about the Tutsi girls=P During the sleep preparations i realize that a Italian girl would go to sofia in the same day as me so in the next morning we join to see the city. Was a small journey because she had some problems and had to return to the hostel.
Belgrade is again full of life and a nightmare to the women self confidence! The serbian women are the example of feminine power. the called "hot girls" , perhaps sometimes too much, but still. Is pleasant to look straight and not to the floor while waking on the streets. However belgrade is not just women. Actually is more much more than that. Is a city, again full of life and with really good green places. Some avenues full of terraces and people, during the day and during the night. The better place was the Citadel where you can lay down on the grass and take some sun or go to the walls of this hold fortification and take a look over the Danube and the Sava Rivers.
Walking through the streets you find a lot of commerce. some legal another not so much. Close to the Green Market, you find a lot of extra clothes, creams, Chiclets, batteries, more clothes as also life gypsy music=) You can really feel that you are in the balkans!
The last day was the Tito`s day! So after packing my stuffs i took the bus and went to see Tito. I was not sure of the meeting point so i decided to ask for a girl where was the Flowers House. What can I say?I know that the serbians are good and blond but than they cannot communicate in english but not even where is Tito! Opinions. What can I do?
So i the brown skin and clever girl decided to go out of the 41 and ask for Tito. And I found it! There he was in a peaceful garden with a history museum just beside.
( Sorry but these are the only pictures from belgrade. When I was coping for a cd I replace them for others:P I'm really Smart:P)

With a hello good bye to Tito I could now continue my trip and take the train to Sofia.
Belgrade, I have to return for the famous night life;)

terça-feira, abril 10, 2007

The start

It lasted 15 mın to 14h48 and I was stıll leavıng the house and wıthout the tıcket. The trip was having a good start!eheh So in a fast walk and with the sleeping bag punching my head i got time enough for everything. It was starting… I was going to Zagreb.
And actually i was not alone. The train was full! Between so much crowded train i found a small space between a few talker croatian girl and a canadian guy that was also going to Zagreb.
On the arrival to the beautiful capital city the scenery seemed to be really nice. A big garden as first view the sun shine on my face and with the backs much more lights. With the lonely planet book in one hand, digital camera in the pocket and the super fashion italian sun glasses, the tourist was ready to explore the field. Against a lot of comments about Zagreb I found it really pleasant. Maybe I have this opinion because i consider this place as a city. In fact is not so big, but compared with Lj I even consider the possibility to get lost there!
So, as I commented the city is really nice and with some interesting touristic points. Behind those “turicisms” I loved the streets full of terraces and life. It can not have sea not even river but the croats know how to enjoy the good weather!
As the train was just at mid-night I decided to take night walk. Thus I seat on a bench looking the “cosmopolitan” life while a old couple sung some old musics played with an acordeon.
In addition to all this good memories there is also an another of a really good day enjoyed with a few coins. Just to have some perception, the budget was 5 euros spent on locker, food for all the day and for the trip. Eheheh! Is the economic dominium=)
It was mid-night but there was still a lot of movement on the streets! I had 6 hours in front of me full of tchtumtchtum…tchtumctchtum…

English Part

The internationalization arrived to the blog. Now that my audience is getting more multicultural I decided to make the trip part in English.
But before, you need to understand some expressions:

Ah pois e: Thats true!!!

E o dominio: Is the dominium. You know, when something is well done we have to face the reality:P

Pumbas: When something unexpected happens

I think the others you will get it with the context. Enjoy...

segunda-feira, abril 09, 2007

Em Abril, viagens mil!

No último post do meu jardim tinha se este cenário

agora a coisa e outra...

Pois é parece que a Primavera ja chegou por estes lados da Europa Central. E como o caracol e o belo português os eslovenos não são muito diferentes. Chega o sol, toca a vir para a rua e passar o dia nas esplanadas ao longo do rio ou na Preseren. Haja vida nesta cidade!!! É que por vezes nem um lugar nas diversas esplanadas se arranja!
Eu gosto muito de sol, gosto tanto que quero experimenta-lo em diversos sítios portanto é altura de fazer mais uma viagenzita! Coisa pouca.... Um mês e os balcãs ficam dominados.
Daqui a uma hora parte o comboio para Zagreb e a partir daí e sempre rumo a sul. Ora o plano será este:

Claro está que Istanbul e Sarajevo vam merecer maior destaque e estadia!

Regressarei em Maio pronta para o último mês que vai ser como o tgv! Trabalhos, exames, estar com o ppl, aproveitar os últimos tempos em Lj. Enfim.... a Loucura!

Fiquem atentos que vou tentar actualizar o blog durante a viagem. É que não pensem que são só os meus amigos e familiares que veem isto! Há também o prof de e-marketing que insiste para que eu traduza para inglês e mais uns portugueses espalhados por esse mundo! (ist;))